Brexit means decolonisation


The EU’s position paper called Essential Principles on Citizens’ Rights demands, among other things, that:

The Commission should have full powers for the monitoring and the Court of Justice of the European Union should have full jurisdiction corresponding to the duration of the protection of citizen’s rights in the Withdrawal agreement.

If the ECJ can be an mediator in every interaction the UK government or a company has with an EU citizen, then we will still have no ability to fix any of the pressing issues facing this country, including the still unresolved causes of the 2008 crash. Every government policy has winners and losers. Every bad policy has some corner-case where someone benefits from it.

With 3 million or more EU citizens, any issue can be turned into an issue affecting an EU citizen providing forum shopping and then the EU law will apply.

The idea of everyone being equal before the common law and that UK judges are trusted to apply it is anathema to the EU’s Napoleonic position that only the ECJ can be trusted to protect EU citizens.

This is really a “special interest”/“closed shop” self serving argument, if national courts can be trusted, there is no point to the EU. To protect its own need to exist, the EU has to insert itself into everything, even if it is not needed.

The US Supreme Court doesn’t need to interfere if an American citizen resident in the UK has a problem with a public institution or company, that American just uses the normal UK courts to plead their case.

The UK has residents who hail from the whole world including millions of citizens from the other 169 countries in the world that are not in the EU. They manage quite fine to use the existing UK Courts. They don’t need their legal systems to intervene in British law.

Note there is no reciprocal right in the proposal for British citizens living in the EU to call for assistance from the British courts.

This whole lop-sided proposal shows how the Euro-federalists see the UK as a difficult colony, not as an independent country or let alone as an equal partner.

Staying under the law of the EU is not Brexit, we would have just moved from a colony with very little say of how we are governed to a colony with no say over how we are governed.

It is not the independent country that people voted for.