Building up Skynet


This has been a very exciting year. I burst out of the academy and started a new company with a couple of other chaps called Rob and Luke.

The idea is write a platform to help generate form-based applications, which could absorb and display business data. We could then in the future add machine learning/artificial intelligence type features, and learn original ideas that have not been apparent without such statistical modelling.

Basically we are trying to make Skynet, the singularity itself, which we call Infomachine. Of course, being a start-up, it might evolve into a different concept involving washing machines or something.


Meanwhile, some customers found their way to us and we have been doing lots of consulting and contract software development. The customers themselves are highly intelligent and beautiful people who have extensive domain knowledge in their own field, and it has been very interesting learning some of this as we write software to make their companies more efficient or expand into new areas.

This all feeds back into the eventual completion of the Infomachine, or not; maybe we will go in a completely different direction, that is the fun part, there are just three of us in a (often virtual) room and we can do whatever the heck we like.