You can’t stop the signal

When I started this site in 2005, I said that my blog was:

“about taking control of your own technology, it looks at our experiences of computing; especially computing using GNU/Linux, often using the command line and other textual means, but also other issues such as ethics, best practices and whatever is cool now.”

In 2007, in answer to a question, I provided this further description:

“The broader meaning is someone who is willing to take the extra time and effort to think through and take control of all the technology that is entering into our daily lives; to make sure that our freedoms, hard-fought for on the battle field, protest rally and ballot box, are not quietly surrendered in the digital age, but instead freedom must be at the very foundation of technology itself.”

About a year ago (December 2011), I decided to take some time off writing here. I thought that if I stopped writing blog posts and stopped writing mailing list posts and stopped Tweeting it would give me more time and energy to make progress in other areas of my life.

I was wrong.

By not engaging with the interests and interested communities that got me where I am philosophically and technically, my passion started to fade and I lost those key insights that only come from interacting with others in the field.

So I have decided to try to restart writing. All previous entries from 2005 to 2011 are now archived, and I have a clean new chapter to begin.

Bear with me as I build up confidence again as a writer. The biggest difficulty I have is writing to a silent audience. It is difficult to know which topics to address if I do not know the audience’s interests. So please do give me your comments and ideas. There is a comment box available below and my twitter name is zeth0.