Who is Zeth?

Hi! Welcome! My name is Zeth and I am software developer from the UK.

I always liked the term journeyman, in that I work to live and feed my family, but also that I am continually learning and trying to improve my skills and meet new people.

Though I display an outgoing and confident persona, I do admit to being a bit of a geek, I like working on different projects and often the internal old app considered too boring for a company’s internal employees will fascinate me.

As well as my continual studies in software development, I have degrees in Economics, Theology and Textual Criticism.

I was born in East Anglia where my parents still live and studied at the Universities of Essex and Birmingham. I currently live in Birmingham but also spend a month or so per year in Tampere, Finland.



I am one of the co-founders of the UK’s Official Python Conference PyCon UK. I was Conference Vice-Chair for 7 years, Conference Chair for 2 years and in 2016 was the Lightning Talk organiser.

For my contribution to the Python community via this conference, I was made a fellow of the Python Software Foundation.

I also like to attend and speak at other conferences. My last talk was at PyCon Ireland in 2016.


Most of my time is spent working on customer projects, but I also have a few projects that I work on in my own time. These are listed below.

Larger projects

  • inputs (pip install inputs) - Cross-platform Python support for keyboards, mice and gamepads
  • ainod - JSON Storage and Retrieval Daemon (pre-alpha)

Small Modules


  • Greco (pip install greco) - a fun typing game for learning the Green Code visual language.
  • Revenge of the Rogue - Campaign (set of levels) for the game Battle for Wesnoth
  • MicroPet - Turn your BBC Microbit into a nice little digital pet for you to look after
  • MicroPython Invaders - save the world from those evil LEDs!
  • Turtle attack - introduces basic programming concepts (via the Python language) without being boring.