Who is Zeth?

Hi! Welcome! My name is Zeth and I am software developer from the UK.

I always liked the term journeyman, in that I work to live and feed my family, but also that I am continually learning and trying to improve my skills and meet new people.

Though I display an outgoing and confident persona, I do admit to being a bit of a geek, I like working on different projects and often the internal old app considered too boring for a company’s internal employees will fascinate me.

As well as my continual studies in software development, I have degrees in Economics, Theology and Textual Criticism.

I was born in East Anglia where my parents still live and studied at the Universities of Essex and Birmingham. I currently live in Birmingham but also spend a month or so per year in Tampere, Finland.



I am one of the co-founders of the UK’s Official Python Conference PyCon UK. I was Conference Vice-Chair for 7 years, Conference Chair for 2 years and in 2016 was the Lightning Talk organiser.

For my contribution to the Python community via this conference, I was made a fellow of the Python Software Foundation.

I also like to attend and speak at other conferences. My last talk was at PyCon Ireland in 2016.


Most of my time is spent working on customer projects, but I also have a few projects that I work on in my own time. These are listed below.

Larger projects

  • inputs (pip install inputs) - Cross-platform Python support for keyboards, mice and gamepads
  • ainod - JSON Storage and Retrieval Daemon (pre-alpha)

Small Modules


  • Greco (pip install greco) - a fun typing game for learning the Green Code visual language.
  • Revenge of the Rogue - Campaign (set of levels) for the game Battle for Wesnoth
  • MicroPet - Turn your BBC Microbit into a nice little digital pet for you to look after
  • MicroPython Invaders - save the world from those evil LEDs!
  • Turtle attack - introduces basic programming concepts (via the Python language) without being boring.


Blogs are pretty uncool and outdated I know, but I like to get a bit of long-form thought off my chest occasionally.


These are pages about technology and software development. Bear in mind as you read that everything in technology ages quickly of course.


These are pages about politics, society and economics. The main focus is on the UK so they will probably not be very interesting if you are not interested in local UK politics.